Contemporary design for urban nomads.

nordic.root was established in 2015 by Swedish designer, choreographer and metalsmith Maria Nilsson Waller. Each piece is hand made and unique and her collections are made in limited edition only. nordic.root welcomes personal commissions and all pieces are customisable and delivered to you anywhere in the world.

Currently based in Glendalough, nordic.root has a distinct aesthetic influenced by the surrounding Irish nature and Maria's homeland and environment of Jämtland. The landscape and traditional crafts of the region and her passion for movement, body and poetic expression influence her pieces.  nordic.root represents contemporary design for urban nomads, with a nod to the past, the natural and mystical world and the timeless beauty of folklore. 

The pieces you see here are all carefully made using clean, body-friendly natural materials such as silver, wool, linen, copper, persepx and suede. As far as possible the materials are organic, eco or re-cycled and sourced from small scale, local producers hoping to encourage a shift towards slow fashion and a more sustainable way of living. 


Direct service and quick response is key at nordic.root. We are more than happy to hear from you. Bring us any questions or concerns, and we will do everything in our power to make you a happy customer.

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