Nordic.Root is founded by artist and metalsmith Maria Nilsson Waller.

"I create jewellery that is personal, wearable and made to last. My designs are often inspired by colours and traditions in Scandinavian folklore, the nature around me and the mystical world.

I mix traditional materials and techniques of metal smithing with current designs featuring perspex, crystal, linen, wool and leather."

Creation. Made to Order.

As far as possible my materials are organic, eco/re-cycled and ethically sourced. I use natural, body-friendly materials such as silver, wool, linen, copper and precious stones. My aim is to make timeless pieces that can be loved and worn for a long time, hoping to encourage a shift towards slow fashion and a more sustainable way of living. Each piece is handmade by me, and each customer is treasured. Human connection is important to me. Even though I might not know you, I dedicate my work to you. I think this can be sensed in my jewellery.